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Have you noticed that your dryer doesn’t dry clothes as it used to? Even after running a whole cycle the unit still doesn’t dry your clothes and you have to run it a second time. You may also have noticed that when your clothes eventually dry, they are very hot.

These are tell-tale signs of a dryer that has poor air circulation because the vents are blocked. If you call Jimy's Carpet Cleaning Lewisville we can remove the blockage and get your machine working again. Call us any time and we will provide you with the service that your need.

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Our vent cleaning service keeps your dryer working well for many years to come. A properly functioning dryer also saves you money in term of low energy bills because you don’t have to run the unit for a long time to get your clothes drying properly. There are many things that prevent your machine from functioning properly, but if you call us we can help you take care of it.

If you need help cleaning dryer lint, we know how to take care of this. Over time, lint accumulates in your vents and combines with dust to block the air passage into your machine. That is why it can get hot especially because of poor air circulation. It doesn’t matter how old your dryer is, if it is well maintained it can keep serving you for a long time to come. We can provide this service for you and give your equipment a longer lifespan.

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